About Us

In 2014 Savin’ Juice began when a small group of women, with the same heart for dogs, saw a need in our community. Our mission was to fund dogs in shelters that were in dire need of medical treatment. We partnered with rescues and local veterinarians to help dogs that may otherwise go without the needed medical treatment, many of which could face euthanasia.

Today, we have expanded our rescue to include more then just medical dogs. We do not shy away from helping any dog we feel we can. Whether it be from a high kill shelter (outside of Oregon), local shelter dogs, owner surrender, or homeless dogs in our community.

Savin’Juice is 100% foster based!

We have no facility, no kennels to walk through, no stressful environment for our rescues to stay. If we have a foster home that a dog can stay with until their forever home can be found: we will rescue it.

This means, the more fosters we have, the more dogs we can save!

“Savin Juice” name? Juice was the name of the very first dog we rescued from euthanasia due to blindness. A sweet young Beagle who needed both eyes removed. As of 2018, Juice (now Brian) is flourishing in his forever home.

We are small, but mighty!

We will never stray from our original roots of medical dogs. But why stop there when the need is greater? Our motto? “One dog at a time”.

Savin’Juice is a 501c3.

We are able to rescue dogs solely on your donations.

Thank you for supporting our organization and helping us help one more!

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